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Policies & Procedures

Cell Phones and Mobile Telecommunications Devices

Godley High School has implemented a “Silent “ cell phone policy which will allow students to have and use cell phones in the appropriate way and at the 
appropriate time without punishment.

Cell phones are permitted under the following circumstances:

1. Texting only
2. Phones are on silent
3. In the commons before school or during lunch
4. Hallways during passing periods
5. In the classroom for educational purposes only when directed by the teacher. It is the responsibility of the student to restrict his/her use to classroom projects and activities assigned by the teacher. The parent and the student must understand that this access is a privilege.

Consequences will follow the student disciplinary actions and infractions listed in the student handbook concerning possession of cell phone/communication devices.

Excused Absences

Students at GHS, after an absence, will present their excuse to the principal's office for a readmission slip by 8:00 am.

The note must be received within 5 days to be an excused absence.



All student vehicles that leave school at the end of the school day, (from the time school is dismissed plus 15 minutes – 4:00 pm on a regular school day), must exit the student parking lot through the east exit to Hwy. 171.  Students also may not drive from the school parking lot to the athletic field house parking lot until 15 minutes after the conclusion of the school day. Students not following proper procedures will be subject to the student code of conduct for careless/reckless driving.


For years students at Godley High School have expressed an interest in purchasing reserved parking places. Through the principal advisory committee, a GHS student committee that gives input to the principal, students at GHS have finally got their wish. The principal’s advisory committee, the campus planning committee, the parent involvement committee, and the campus administrative team have all met and discussed and approved the issue. Groups cited that allowing students to purchase and decorate reserved parking spots would improve school pride and camaraderie, allow students to “own” a piece of the school, and increase school security.  Students at Godley High School will be allowed to purchase reserved parking places for $30 on Saturday, October 23rd starting at 7:00 am. Purchasing a student parking spot is completely optional. There will be parking available for students who do not wish to purchase and decorate a parking spot. Read below for more detailed information.


Students who drive to school must register their vehicle with the SRO or Asst. Principal. Once they have arrived at school and parked in the designated student parking, they should exit their vehicles and enter the school building. Once parked, the vehicle should not be moved until the student leaves campus to return home. Visitors on campus may park in the designated spaces only and report to the office. Vehicles that are parked in the student parking lot are subject to search and seizures laws. If the drug dog identifies a vehicle which may contain prohibited substances, or if reasonable suspicion of prohibited contraband exists the proper authorities may search it. (GHS Handbook) 

Any student who participates in an extracurricular activity, club, organization, or who drives a vehicle on campus will be subject to drug testing. For further information, see policy FNF(LOCAL). 


  1. A parking sticker must be purchased ($5) and $30 Fee must be paid on the day of sale prior to painting. 
  2.  Official Painting Time is: Saturday, October 23 from 7:00 -1:00 p.m.  THE FRONT PARKING LOT WILL BE CLOSED TO THROUGH TRAFFIC ON PAINTING DAY– Park in Visitor Football Lot Only. No jumping the curb, blocking drive entrance or parking along 171 please!!! (In the event of bad weather we will paint on Saturday, October 30 from 7-1.
  4. You must purchase your own paint. Use Only Purple (dark), Gold (bright),  White, or Black paint. No other colors are acceptable. USE EXTERIOR LATEX  PAINT ONLY (Buy the cheap stuff). Make sure purple is really dark purple and NOT BRIGHT. Do not use “Striping Paint” or any other “Raised” paint or Roofing Tar – it either peels up or is difficult to paint over next year. 
  5. Required: Paint Parking Sticker Number to the right of the parking space number. PARKING STICKER NUMBER MUST BE CLEARLY VISIBLE WHEN CAR IS PARKED IN THE SPOT. Paint your name (at least your first name) somewhere on your spot. A nickname will not be sufficient for your first name. 
  6.  Prohibited: 
  • No offensive language, pictures, or symbols.
  • No negative or rude language. (be nice)
  • No “gang-style tagging.” 
  • No double entendre’s. (double meanings)
  • ONLY YOUR NAME. A boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s name is NOT allowed. 

Prohibited items will be painted over at the discretion of the Principal or Security Officer. Disciplinary action may be taken & you may forfeit your right to a parking space and /or drive on campus.

  1. HAVE FUN – The purpose of allowing students to paint their own parking spot is aimed at improving school pride and camaraderie. Students can “own” a piece of the school. We encourage students to express themselves through positive artwork. As a byproduct, we will increase campus security. Having students park in numbered reserved spots can also help identify unwelcome visitors to campus if they park in student spots.
  2. Remember, purchasing a student parking spot is completely optional. There will be parking available for students who do not wish to purchase and decorate a parking spot. 

Day of Sale: All painting must be completed on this day. Students will not be allowed to alter their spot after this date unless another designated painting day is scheduled by the principal. 

  • The student must have a parking sticker/hanging placard prior to purchasing student parking space. Parking placards must be purchased in advance from the school resource officer with proof of insurance and driver’s license. 
  • Student parking space sale will start at 7:00 am on a first come first serve basis following this order: 
    • Seniors – 7:00am – 8:00am 
    • Juniors – 8:00am – 9:00am 
    • Sophomores – 9:00am – 10:00am 
    • Any senior or junior in line at their cut-off time will be allowed to choose their spot before the lower grade level is allowed to pick spots. 
    • Any senior or junior arriving after their cut-off time will enter the next grade level line as they arrive. A late upperclassman will not be allowed to cut in front of the underclassman line. 
  • Students will line up and sign their grade level list in the order they arrived. 
  •  Students may leave after they have signed their name on their grade level list, but must return 15 minutes before their grade level time starts or risk forfeiting their spot in line. 
  • When their grade level time arrives, students will choose a parking space and pencil their names on the Parking Paper Grid. 
  • Students are then allowed to start painting their parking spot following the GHS student parking guidelines. 
  • All painting must be completed on the day of the parking spot sale. If there is a conflict, please see the school office before the day of the sale. 
  • Have fun and show off your GHS spirit.

Semester Exams

  • Students must maintain at least an 80 semester grade average to be eligible for a semester examination exemption in a class and have no more than the number of excused absences specified below: 

    • Grade of 90 or better and no more than three (3) excused absences

    • Grade of 85-89 and no more than two (2) excused absences

    • Grade of 80-84 and no more than one (1) excused absence

  • Three (3) tardies equals one (1) unexcused absence

  • Absences must be excused or be one of the following:

    • Extracurricular

    • College visits for eligible students

    • Court Date

    • Holy Day

    • Death in the Family

  • Any unexcused absences will cause a student to lose their exemption

  • Students ARE required to attend classes in which they are exempt on examination days. An exemption is an exam exemption and not an attendance exemption. Students receiving exemptions are encouraged to take the examination and have it scored. If the examination score will improve a student's grade average, it will be calculated as part of the semester average. Otherwise, the examination grade will not be counted. 

  • In honors classes, teachers have the discretion to require all students to take their semester exam for the course.